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CNS Sponsored Fellowship Awards

Further Your Career and Advance the Field of Neurosurgery

Sponsored fellowship awards represent a strategic investment by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons on behalf of the field of Neurosurgery. The CNS offers fellowship awards for residents, neurosurgeons who have recently completed training, and established neurosurgeons alike. The awards are meant to defer some of the costs fellows incur during their research and to enhance the education of neurological surgeons at all stages of their careers.

Complete your fellowship at an outside institution or at your home institution during residency.
In the past, the clinical fellowship awards were designed to allow applicants to do elective rotations at an institution outside their primary training program. However, with the new limitations on resident training imposed by the 80-hour workweek, the CNS Executive Committee recognizes the difficulty for some residents to acquire clinical research or subspecialty training at outside institutions during their residency research rotations. Therefore, to allow more well-qualified surgeons and residents to enhance their professional careers, the CNS offers fellowship awards to all neurosurgical residents and neurosurgeons at either an outside institution or their home institution.

Application & Eligibility
Applicants must complete the online standardized application, to be reviewed by the CNS Fellowships Committee. Applications may be given special consideration according to the research or clinical topic chosen and the importance of that topic to the field of neurosurgery. Any overlap in funding for the same research project and/or fellowship period should be disclosed to the CNS Fellowship Committee and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In order to ensure that suitable applicants receive fellowship training at centers that can provide a worthwhile learning experience, the CNS requires that the fellowship sponsor be qualified in the area of sought expertise, be interested in teaching, and provide a suitable environment for the applicant. Although the attainment of a post-graduate degree is not necessary during the fellowship, the CNS supports the most formal educational experience possible, including training in basic science, clinical, economic, and public health and policy pertinent to neurosurgery.

Upon completion of the fellowship, the CNS requires that fellows provide a detailed description of their completed fellowship experience, a final budget, as well as a listing of all peer-reviewed journal and book chapter publications in progress, submitted, or already accepted for publication. Similarly, a listing of all attended meetings and lecture topics that stemmed from the fellowship experience shall be made known. Although the value of the fellowship will not be measured by numbers of publications or presentations, the CNS is interested in tracking where the fellow practices afterwards and understanding the impact the sponsored fellowship has on that individual's career. The CNS acknowledges that a sponsored fellowship is not followed by a certification process nor does the CNS offer any level of accreditation to the specific fellowship.

Visit us this summer for more information on the 2015-2016 CNS Fellowships.

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