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CNS Fellowship Recipients

2014-2015 CNS Fellows

Brian Walcott, MD
Christopher C. Getch Fellowship

Dr. Brian Walcott is a chief resident in neurological surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School. Beyond patient care, he has developed models for brain vascular malformations in zebrafish during a two year post-doctoral fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Randall Peterson (Harvard Medical School Broad Institute). Using high-throughput screening, he has identified small molecules and antibodies that target the molecular pathways of AVM development. As an early career clinician-scientist, Dr. Walcott hopes to treat patients with neurovascular disorders with surgical expertise that is complemented by an unwavering drive to understand their underlying genetic & molecular pathophysiology. Following completion of residency, he will pursue a fellowship in vascular neurosurgery under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Lawton.